Integrated Engineering


Allcontrol has a team specialized and fully prepared to develop projects in automation at all systemic levels (Levels 0, 1, 2 and 3) for all areas of industry such as: Mining, Steel, Automobile, Petroleum, Petrochemical, Food and Pharmaceutical . It also offers solutions for energy, sanitation and transportation, developing projects aimed at increasing efficiency and maximizing production, consequently reducing costs and optimizing time.

  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • PDA - Automation Master Plan
  • Control Instrumentation Engineering
  • Developing systems for process controls
  • Supervisory and HMI development
  • Deployment | Commissioning | Start-up | Assisted Operation


He is involved in all stages of Electrical Engineering, such as: Basic and detailed design, assembly and interconnection projects, executive projects, manufacture of control, power and control panels, CCMs, medium voltage cubicles, panel retrofitting, Assembly and electrical interconnection in the field, instrumentation and automation, or processes in turn key involving all these steps.

  • Field survey
  • Electrical projects
  • Manufacture of electrical panels
  • Electromechanical assembly
  • Electrical installations
  • Project Management
  • Service and maintenance


Through an engineering team that has extensive experience and know-how in the development of industrial solutions in automation and the elaboration of pneumatic and hydralic projects, Allcontrol Engenharia runs from simple maintenance to more complex automations, proposing high productivity and innovation in industrial machines and Mobile applications.

  • Preparation of preventive maintenance plans for asset management
  • Development of maintenance indicators for on-the-spot management
  • Development and Assembly of pneumatic hopper devices
  • Projects and installation of hydralic and pneumatic devices
  • Compressed air network installations employing TOP FUSION technology


Integrated solutions for automation and motion control in a wide range of industrial applications, from the simplest machine to the largest and most complex system imaginable, always aiming to improve productivity and high quality standards in increasingly demanding markets.

  • Mechanical Design Detailing
  • Elaboration of industrial solutions for improvement, adequacy and optimization of productive processes
  • Layout and layout of industrial processes
  • Designing 3D designs and simulations of navigation and operation of mechanical devices
  • 3D simulation
  • 3D mechanical arrangement
  • Design and adaptation of mechanical devices and devices
  • Automotive productionline assembly
  • Settings on drawing and welding devices
  • Assembly of conveyors


Allcontrol has within its structure a cell equipped with thelatest Racer 7 Robot, being the pioneer inlatin America in the use of this equipment. In addition to Racer, the cell has an exclusive space for accompaniments and robotics training. It also works in the integration of industrial robots into production processes, seeking solutions that provide reliability, productivity, quality and safety to our customers. We develop projects for new cells and modifications of robotizedlines for industries of the automotive, auto parts, metal, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, casting, plastic, rubber, among others.

  • Robot programming
  • Offline simulation
  • Robotized systems
  • Start-up installation support
  • Trainings
  • Technical Support

NR10 | 12

NR-10 is a regulation that regulates all services involving electricity and its risks, as well as ensuring the health and safety of those directly and indirectly involved in these activities and services. NR-12 is a standard that establishes the safety precautions for safe work in machines and equipment ranging from design to disposal of machinery and the various interactions with workers at all stages of use.

  • Technical Visit
  • Field survey
  • Risk Categorization

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