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Founded in January 2010, nowadays headquartered in Betim-MG and a subsidiary in Córdoba, Argentina, ALLCONTROL offers to the national and international markets technological and economic projects with a high level of quality always adapted to the needs of each segment. He began his activities as an integrator of industrial systems and as a supplier of solutions for automation and electrical systems projects (Electric Panels, low and medium voltage CCMs). He currently specializes in Automation, Pneumatics, Mechanics and Robotics. It is able to provide services ranging from consulting to more complex projects in the areas of mining, steel, energy, cement, sanitation, assemblers, manufacturers and others.


ALLCONTROL mission is to contribute to the country's industrial growth, offering integrated technology solutions for industrial processes with continuous search for a quality standard. In this way, establish a permanent partnership relationship as a solution provider in engineering projects.


Be a company recognized for its excellence and performance, committed to the rise of the national industrial sector and always remain at the forefront of technology.


  • Honor commitments and act with transparency and honesty.
  • Practice good and, above all, respect the dignity of the people.
  • Enthusiasm at work acting with commitment, creativity and dedication.

Integrated Policy

ALLCONTROL Engenharia is committed to the satisfaction of its customers, always seeking improvement in its electrical and automation projects, guaranteeing the occupational health and safety of the parties involved, as well as the effectiveness in protecting and preserving the environment, complying with legal requirements Of the specific norms, always seeking the search for continuous improvement in all processes.

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